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Language acquisition is a human endeavor par excellence. As children, all human beings learn to understand and speak at least one language: their mother tongue. It is a process that seems to take place without any obvious effort. Second language learning, particularly among adults, causes more difficulty. The purpose of this series is to compile a collection of high-quality monographs on language acquisition. The series serves the needs of everyone who wants to know more about the problem of language acquisition in general and/or about language acquisition in specific contexts. in specific contexts.



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AUTOR Guus Extra, Ludo Verhoeven
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13 Nov 2017 ... Picture by Hefin Owen (CC BY-SA 2.0). Abraham Somers Cocks. People often say that non-Welsh in-migration is, and has been, the downfall of ... I assess migration by considering effects on surrounding districts, which are a likely source of migrants. I take the set of languages spoken in each district and ...