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This richly illustrated, four-colour textbook introduces the art and archaeology of ancient Greece, from the Bronze Age through the Roman conquest. Suitable for students with no prior knowledge of ancient art, this textbook reviews the main objects and monuments of the ancient Greek world, emphasizing the context and function of these artefacts in their particular place and time. Students are led to a rich understanding of how objects were meant to be perceived, what messages they transmitted, and how the surrounding environment shaped their meaning. The book includes more than five hundred illustrations (with over four hundred in colour), including specially commissioned photographs, maps, floorplans and reconstructions. Judith Barringer examines a variety of media, including marble and bronze sculpture, public and domestic architecture, painted vases, coins, mosaics, terracotta figurines, reliefs, jewellery and wall paintings. Numerous text boxes, chapter summaries and timelines, complemented by a detailed glossary, support student learning.



ISBN 9780521171809
AUTOR Judith M. Barringer
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