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Bertha von Suttner - Jane Addams - Emily Greene Balch - Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan - Mother Teresa - Alva Myrdal - Aung San Suu Kyi - Rigoberta Menchú Tum - Jody Williams - Shirin EbadiWar is always the result of fear and violence. Conflict is supposed to resolve what was not resolved in dialogue and negotiations - for lack of good will to solve it. What remains are misery and destruction, anger and impotence, and last but not least breeding-grounds for renewed violence. Those who were conquered by force of arms want revenge, want justice for themselves and their cause - again, through violence.The examples of the eleven women who were awarded the Peace Nobel Prize up to 2003 show that other approaches are possible. They decided to stand up for their ideals without identifying with fear, violence, and brutality. Their motivation grew out of an attitude that gives life, an inner attitude that trusts life and will not give up.



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Vor 2 Tagen · Peace Quarters is the home of peace for women & men. Solution to problems & challenges people face in the workplace & everyday life. Women, Peace and Security in the Time of … Women in Politics. The WPS agenda also calls for greater participation of women in politics and matters of peace and security. The corona crisis is revealing the relevance of this call. “Across the world,” writes Jessie Tu for Women’s Agenda, an online Australian news site, “more than ever people are looking for strong, inspiring