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Nagi is a goddess who wakes up from years of slumber with the help of a young boy named Jin. He accidentally cuts down her sacred tree so her powers are diminished, but she resumes her quest to rid the world of its impurities. However, she has another personality inside of her - Kannagi - so Jin gets two roommates for the cost of one when he lets Nagi move into his house!



ISBN 9781604962697
AUTOR Eri Takenashi
DATEINAME Kannagi Volume 3.pdf

Start your review of Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens, Vol. 2 ... This volume in the series focuses more on Nagi's spirit sister Zange, who has possessed a ... 3 · TAKE MOON · Kannagi vol. 04 ( Kannagi, #04 ) · Kannagi vol. 06 (Kannagi, #6). There is no diseas... Authors: Mari Kannagi, Atsuhiko Hasegawa, Yoshiko Nagano, Shuichi Kimpara and Youko Suehiro. Citation: Retrovirology 2019 ... Takada A, Ohmori K, Yoneda T, Tsuyuoka K, Hasegawa A, Kiso M, Kannagi R ( 1993) Cancer Res 53: 354–61. PubMed · CAS · Google Scholar. 3. Majuri M-L, ...