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This volume compiles essential contributions to the most innovative fields of Plasma Processes and Polymers. High-quality contributions cover the fields of plasma deposition, plasma treatment of polymers and other organic compounds, plasma processes under partial vacuum and at atmospheric pressure, biomedical, textile, automotive, and optical applications as well as surface treatment of bulk materials, clusters, particles and powders.This unique collection of refereed papers is based on the best contributions presented at the 16th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry in Taormina, Italy (ISPC-16, June 2003). A high class reference of relevance to a large audience in plasma community as well as in the area of its industrial applications.



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July 23, 2019 MSU researchers create new way to synthesis gold nanoparticles that are solvent-free Researchers at Michigan State University have created a new way to synthesize gold nanoparticles – a discovery currently being featured on the cover of Plasma Processes and Polymers.