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“The Book in Africa: Critical Debates is the third title in Palgrave Macmillan’s wide-ranging new series New Directions in Book History. In a decade when scholars have begun to look beyond the western and predominantly white print culture to push forward the former boundaries of the field, this new volume edited by Caroline Davis and David Johnson provides researchers with eleven case studies encompassing the fields of the history of the book, publishing studies, library studies, and literary history.” (Gulfer Goze, SHARP News,, August, 2016)“This volume brings valuable perspectives to understandings of ‘the book’ across Africa, presenting a diversity of linguistic and publishing contexts and genuinely innovative research. … provides a timely corrective to commonly held assumptions that Africa’s publishing future will be exclusively digital, and a sobering reminder of the need to engage at the level of the basic economic and publishing realities of both print and electronic publishing in Africa.” (Stephanie Kitchen, Logos, Vol. 27 (4), 2016)The Book in Africa is recommended for all African studies collections, library and information science departments, as well as collections on publishing and book studies, print culture, and book history. Hans M. Zell, The African Book Publishing Record



ISBN 9781137401618
AUTOR Caroline Johnson, David Davis
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A new book charts Africa's evolving urban … Esiebo’s pictures of Lagos are featured in my latest book Africa State of Mind, which gathers the work of an emergent generation of photographers from across the African continent and its diaspora, each of whom has a unique perspective on what it looks like, and how it feels, to live in Africa today.