Vampire Knight: Memories, Vol. 4.pdf

Vampire Knight: Memories, Vol. 4 PDF

Immortal tales of the past and present from the world of Vampire Knight. Vampire Knight returns with stories that delve into Yuki and Zeros time as a couple in the past and explore the relationship between Yukis children and Kaname in the present. Yuki and Zero attempt to capture the bomber who calls himself the “Vampire King.” While trying to deactivate a bomb, Zero is caught off guard and gets kidnapped. Yuki and Maria head to his rescue, but what awaits them?!



ISBN 9781974710768
AUTOR Matsuri Hino
DATEINAME Vampire Knight: Memories, Vol. 4.pdf

Beginning as four bonus chapters following the end of 'Vampire Knight', 'Vampire Knight Memories' is now an official sequel series written and illustrated by Matsuri Hino. The series follows the events that occurred whilst Kaname slept for a thousand years, as well as his time in the future with Yuuki's daughters, Ai and Ren. Vampire Knight Memories (Vol.3 Chapter 16) … 16.06.2018 · This is the new chapter to the sequel of Vampire Knight, the manga. Author: Hino Matsuri Genre/theme: Drama, Shoujo, supernatural ***Just to let you …