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The Korean Protestant church has made an astonishing growth in the relatively short period for over a hundred years of mission history. No doubt, worship has made a major contribution to this increase. To what extent and in what sense can the worship of the Korean Presbyterian church be called Reformed? To what extent was it deformed or reformed? What kind of continuity or discontinuity has the Korean Presbyterian worship with the 16th century Geneva worship and with the historical development of Reformed worship? What would all these developments mean in terms of Reformed ethos of worship? The author tried to answer these questions through a study on history of worship in the Presbyterian Church in Korea. The answer the author found is that the Korean Presbyterian becomes more Korean by becoming more Reformed and more Reformed by becoming more Korean.



ISBN 9783631364024
AUTOR Seong-Won Park
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25 Apr 2018 ... Bora Lim is lead pastor at Korea's first LGBT affirming church, the Presbyterian Hyanglin Seomdol congregation in Seoul. Lim is working with a ...